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In 2020 a sweet inspiration came to awaken us to create a space where our imagination and our love for chocolate and sweets would find refuge.

The recipes and secrets that have been passed on from generation to generation, combined with our passion and love for the sweet art gave a unique result.

In our fully equipped and organized workshop, we generously unfurl our talent and know-how, producing unique creations that will take you on a journey to the paradise of sweets and beyond, always guided by the tips and recipes from Mrs. Anatoli.

With our imagination and our first-class raw materials as our allies, we develop the variety of our products, with innovation and quality in mind, in order to satisfy your every need.


The fine and carefully selected chocolate combined with the art of our people, give you the result of a delicious luxurious experience.

We offer

At Anatolli we meet the needs of our customers and offer the possibility of creating private label products.



Scientist using microscope

 ISO 22000:2018 



In Anatolli we have as a core value the protection of consumer health.

Our team carefully selects one by one the raw materials we use to offer you a tasty result of high quality.


Through regular and effective checks combined with our strict health protocols, we eliminate the possibility of any risk, thus ensuring the hygiene of our products.

Quality and safety are always top priorities for us. Therefore, we implement a Food Safety Management System according to the EN ISO 22000:2018 standard. We commit ourselves in this way to the quality and hygiene of our products, as well as continuous improvement. Our certifications provide customers with the assurance that the products they purchase meet the highest standards of quality and have been tested for safety, reliability, and performance.


Through the organized distribution network of DIAN, our products reach you, and are always fresh and delicious.

Distribution  Network 

We just...
Chocolate Bonbons chocolate! 

Anatolli products are here to amaze even the most discerning palates.


Get ready for an experience with mouth-watering flavours that will stimulate your senses.

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